I have recently found my fix for red-eyed days at work, and a very cheesy one at that - the Wedding and Celebration section of the New York Times. It started innocently. I was browsing the 'Bates Alumni in the News' bulletin one day, and tumbled on an article of a Batesie girl who proclaimed herself a free spirit, left her college love to explore the world, came back years later and eventually got married to the high school sweetheart. Finding myself surprisingly happy at her tale, I frequented the section a few days later to read about an oldies couple who got married for the second time after they had divorced over growing apart. From then on, I make a point to visit the Happy Page once a week. Marriages of all types, between all sorts of people, were reported. Many have met online. Many have broken up multiple times. Many have been threatened with break-ups and succumbed. Those stories never fail to delight me with their sweet endings. It is a comfort, after all, to know that romance is alive, out there, achievable to normal people of all sizes and shapes.

I turned twenty-three year-old a few weeks ago, on a crisp and sunny Wednesday. Throughout my childhood birthdays were never big deals, but since moving to New York they have become better and better each year. I suspect it has to do with the increasing appreciation of little things that matures with age, particularly the freedom of being adult, exemplified by everything that New York has to offer. Of course, having Muggy and Yuko with me here are like having birthday presents everyday, 365 days a year.
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