Welcome to my blog. My name is Trang, I live in New York and am turning 23 year-old in a week! I work for a consulting firm, but while running econometrics models I often secretly dream of whipping buttercream or folding dough in the kitchen. After almost two years of Seamless take-outs and restaurant hopping, I have recently converted to home cooking and being a vegetarian, both of which pose new and fun challenges. Since then, I discovered that while a hug is therapeutic, a hug accompanied with a nice cupcake can truly do miracle. Upon this discovery, I set on making tasty food and sharing them as a venue of expressing love to those around.

Like Francisco d’Anconia of Atlas Shrugged, who could “neither stay still nor move aimlessly”, I like to be constantly on the move. Unlike him, however, I love to walk around purposeless - especially in New York where every street corner promises surprise. Being a typical time-pressed animal of the big apple, I soon become too impatient to walk, and instead started running. The freshness of the runs is so addicting that I am currently training for the Ottawa Marathon in May 2009. Since it is my first 26-miler, I figure it can’t hurt to incorporate sightseeing and a mini vacation as a moral boost. In fact, I have a faint doubt that those might be the only things that keep me going when the running gets tough.

I read it somewhere that prospective law school students should make a habit of making and writing down sound observations. Whether that habit can actually enhance one’s performance in law school is unclear; but having kept various journals and written many pages of rambling, I instantly and happily jumped on the idea. Sound observations aside, I set up this blog simply because I love writing about the quirky life of the city, and love to share my learning experience in cooking, running and dancing (I am a devoted student of samba and a beginner in ballet).

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

- Trang