When today is not your perfect day - like, you are sick, you face is stuffy, your LSAT score is on the decline, you forget the cell at your bf's so no goodnight kissy, your homework is due tomorrow - yeah, I mean a totally sucky day, what's left to do but envision a perfect day?

A perfect day starts early - ideally 6:30am on the dot. You have packed everything the night before, so by that first beep of the alarm you roll out of bed and storm into the bathroom - victoriously beating that annoying roommate who takes up an hour washing his face. 10 minutes later you rush out of the apartment, hastily run down the paved walkway of Stuyvesant Town just in time to catch a dewy L-train freshly rolling in from Brooklyn. Trust me, if you live in Manhattan, there's no pleasure equivalent to the joy of catching a train just in time.

On the train, you munch a favorite fudge brownie Cliff bar and chuck half a bottle of water (your pre-breakfast, pre-run routine) while flipping vigorously through credit meltdown and G-20 meetings in the Economist. Better yet, since it's your perfect day, the train is half empty. Thus instead of having your face squashed against the window like usual, you get your royal ass its own seat, next to a tall dark and handsome - wait for it - Asian guy with slanted eyes. You pretend to tilt your head 45 degree to check out an article on the opposite page, but in one full lash scan Tanned Asian from head to toe. Hmm - you smile professionally - not bad.

But you don't care to look again because you immediately daydream about your boyfriend, who holds forever grudges against waking up before 9am and does funny dances when his baseball team wins. And you giggle to yourself like an idiot. Tanned Asian seems startled and peeks a look over. Meh, you nonchalantly flips your Economist, he wears pop-collar, how preppy is that.

At The Gym, where muscles go on display and skinny flimsy bitches steer clear, you run 5 miles on the treadmill at 20-second faster pace than your comfort zone, sweating like crazy while watching your favorite show Charmed on the little TV. Exhausted and feeling accomplished, you treat yourself a long bath and sauna, knowing that the bosses are all out on a conference. Then you order the usual all nutritious shake, made especially in your honor by the proud chubby owner of the juice bar, stride out in your boots and feel like today will be perfect.

Something falls on your lashes. So you look up and see a flurry of snow - the first snow that hits New York this year. The corners of your mouth automatically pull apart into a wide smile, and you blink incredulously. You hastily pull out your phone to alert him of such beauty, but hesitant to wake him up. But before you could put the phone away, the phone rings its silly usual tone, and his voice is drowsy on the other end, "Good morning my little bed bug. It's snowing." 

You laugh but decide to sound stern, "I'm not little, I'm a giant bed bug!"
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