I have a horrible memory of music; I am incapable of remembering any lyrics nor song titles nor who sing what. Yet I love to dance. I love to lock the door, turn up the themes n jump around until my heart speeds. If I hear beats I have to wiggle my shoulders or tilt my head or swing. Take me to the dance floor and I'll stay there till day breaks, till my head hurts and my feet sore. I love to dance by myself, as if no one and nothing else exists. It'd be nice but I do not need to dance in a group or with people I know. I do not like or need to dance with a man, nor to grind - unless I like you. I will not let u hold my hand, or put urs on my hip, unless I like you a lot. When Im moving I am unconscious of my booty my look my hair my boobs; I am simply enjoying. Here under dim lights we are all anonymous, strangers, free n loose. So do not ask my name or my phone number. Just move to the beats n stop being self-conscious.

I like to go to far away places, meet far away people. I like to get lost in long-winded alleys and stop for hours to watch a line of ants crossing the road. I like to breathe deep and live on the edge, without letting common sense slow my senses. If you are a taxi driver I'd probably ask you about your life and your kids. If you are a bouncer I'd probably make u laugh with some strange jokes. If you are the consulate I'd show up at your door everyday until you give me that visa. I hate failures n no, it's not cheating until u get caught. I like to taste new food n discover new knowledge. I get bored very fast so I must move on move on and renew myself seconds after seconds until Im bored of change. Then I'd fall asleep so soundly...

I am naturally curious and I like to ask a lot of questions, definitely philosophical (or cheesy) questions about love. I love in short intervals, planning nothing for the future n preparing to be just fine if we break up. I will try not to love you because love is hard to stop short. Yet if you make me fall in love, I'd love long n sweet like a first kiss. I am a maximizer when it comes to love - so we definitely will fight. But I can promise life will be colorful.

I am obsessed with cuff links. Jon, the basketball co-coach, asserted to me that cuff links look best on the floor, next to his shirt. But I disagree. Keep them on, and I'll smile at you so brightly that you'd feel like you're bringing sexy back.

If I cannot laugh I might as well be dead. If there're only 2 ways to do something I'd try to find a 3rd. If I cannot travel I'd suffocate. If I cannot be passionate I'd rather not be.

I am a contradiction and I like it. You should too. So dance with me - and I promise life will be colorful.
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